Keycult No. 2

The Keycult No. 2 is an isolated gasket mount TKL keyboard, the No. 2 was available in two types, Classic stainless and Contemporary Red, the Classic Stainless version was limited to 10 units and features a mirror finish base plate and unique internal numbering.

The Keycult No. 2’s primary feature is its unique construction, featuring no visible external screws. 

Technical Specs

Size: TKL


Connection: USB-C

Switch Compatibility: MX

Layout: WKL with blockers, 1.75u right shift support

Design Specs and Features

Plate: ?mm Aluminium

Angle: 8 Degrees

Weight: 3.3kg / 2.6kg

Colours: Classic Stainless, Contemporary Red

Metal Type / Grade: 6063 Aluminium

Isolated gasket mount