Tactile Switches


Zealios switches are Tactile switches available in four different spring weights, indicated by colour (lightest is lightest, darkest is heaviest) and two different versions, V1 (discontinued) and V2. V2 introduced different stems with a larger tactile bump with no pre-travel. Zealios switches are manufactured by Gateron for Zeal PC. V1 Specs Type: Tactile Weight: 62g, 65g,… read more »


Holy GSUS switches are a tactile modded switch made using the housing of a GSUS ‘New Panda’ switch and the stem of a Halo switch. Holy GSUS are equivalent to Holy Panda switches. Specs Type: Tactile Weight: 67g bottom out when made with GSUS spring, 60g bottom out True 100gf bottom out, Clear 78gf bottom… read more »

Holy YOK

Holy YOKs are a tactile modded switch made using YOK Panda housings and a Halo switch stems. Holy YOK switches are equivalent to the Holy Panda switch. Holy YOK switches can be a variety of colours, Red, Mint or black with either a White (Halo Clear) or Salmon (Halo True) stem. The name of the… read more »

Halo Switch

Halo switches, initially developed by input clubs HaaTa, originally gained infamy due to their stems use in the Holy Panda switch and their difficulty to obtain. Halo switches are now easily available from Drop.com (formerly Massdrop.com). Halo switches are used to create many ‘Holy’ modded switches, such as Holy YOK, Holy GSUS, Holy Skies, True… read more »

Holy Panda

Holy Panda switches are a Tactile switch with a very pronounced, short, but rounded tactile bump. The bump is at the top of the switch, meaning there is very little pre-travel before feeling the tactile feedback, the bump is smooth but moved over quite quickly.  History Originally, Holy Panda switches needed to be built from… read more »