Linear Switches

GSUS ‘New Panda’

The GSUS ‘New Panda’ was created to be an alternative to the Original Panda switch, the basis of the infamous Holy Panda modded switch. GSUS switches are most often used to create Holy GSUS modded switches, and equivalent to the Holy Panda Switch. The GSUS ‘New Panda’ is manufactured by BSUN, the same manufacturer of… read more »

YOK Panda

Created as an alternative to the GSUS ‘New Panda’ (which itself is an alternative to the original Panda switch) YOK Pandas are a Linear switch most often used to make Holy YOK switches, an equivalent to the infamous Holy Panda switch. Specs Switch Type: Linear Weight: 50g actuation, 60g bottom out Plate-mount MX Style YOK… read more »


Panda switches, described as “superlinear” switches, were conceived by Invyr (/u/zisb) and produced in the same factory that manufacturers BSUN switches. The tight housing of the Panda switch led to the creation of the Holy Panda tactile switch by Quakemz. Specs Type: Linear Weight: 67g (bottom out force) Plate-mount MX Style Stem Includes hot-swap sockets