Lyn EM7

Lyn’s EM7 is a 65% Kustom Ergo keyboard available in regular and special editions. Being a Korean Custom, detailed information can be difficult to come by. The EM7 was available with a mix of top and bottom case colours over multiple Groupbuys. Technical Specs Size: 65% PCB: FAVE, Leeku Connection: USB Mini-B Switch Compatibility: MX… read more »

TGR Alice

The TGR Alice is a 60% Ergo keyboard designed by YUKTSI. The layout of Alice is based on the Lyn EM7. The groupbuy for the TGR Alice was FCFS (First Come First Served) limited to 40 units, a few prototypes exist, but the total number of TGR Alices is most likely under 45 units. Despite… read more »