The ALF X2 is a 60% keyboard designed by ALF. It went to Groupbuy in November 2017. Inspired by HHKB the X2 features three USB 2.0 ports and can function as a passive USB hub, the X2 also has a HHKB style top available featuring symmetrical left and right blockers. Groupbuy Thread Interest Check Technical… read more »


The ACE-TX60 is a 60% ortholinear keyboard that went to groupbuy in late 2017. Groupbuy Thread Interest Check Technical Specs Size: 60% Ortho PCB: Bface Connection: USB Mini-B Switch Compatibility: MX Layout: Ortholinear, Split backspace, Split space, 7u space Design Specs and Features Plate: ? Front Height: ? Angle: 5 Degrees Weight: ? Ortholinear Colours: Black, Gray, Red,… read more »


The M60-A is a 60% keyboard designed by RAMAWORKS. The M60-A features an integrated plate and a hot-swappable PCB, a PVD back weight and In-Switch RGB. It can “Go Heavier” with the addition of an optional internal weight (bringing the total weight close to 2.3kg, 1.6kg without).  Its design can be highly customised, when considering ‘SEQ2’, the… read more »