Integrated Plate

An Integrated Plate style keyboard is a keyboard where the plate is part of the top frame. This means the layout is fixed and cannot be changed without an entirely different top frame. The Doro67 features an Integrated Plate and also offered multiple layout choices for the Plate/Top Frame assembly in order to support more… read more »

HHKB Style

HHKB Style refers to the layout of the bottom row of keys. HHKB keyboards feature blockers on the left and right of the bottom row. Traditional HHKBs have a asymmetrical bottom row but a symmetrical version using the more popular 7u length space bar as been popularised.  

60% Layout

The 60% layout is one the most popular layouts. The layout excludes the ‘Function Keys’ (F Row) the ‘Numeric keypad’ (Num-Pad) and the ‘Navigation’ keys. The 60% layout may also feature WinKey blockers or a HHKB style bottom row. Layout Terminology

65% Layout

The 65% layout is a popular layout featured on many keyboards. The layout excludes the ‘Function Keys’ (F Row) and the ‘Numeric keypad’ (Num-Pad) while keeping the arrow keys and a few of the other ‘Navigation Keys’. The ‘Control keys’ and space bar can vary in size depending on the users preference and the plate/PCBs… read more »