ALF X3 Renova

Credit: TaehaTypes


The ALF X3 Renova is a 65% keyboard with a Macro-pad designed by ALF. The Renova features a ‘mid-piece’ with multiple colour options, a Brass upgrade for the base design, and a Logo or LED hole option for the Top case.

The X3 Renova’s Group Buy was FCFS Limited to 40 units, run May 4th – 14th 2018

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Technical Specs

Size: 65%

PCB: Closed/ydkb

Connection: USB Mini-B / Bluetooth

Switch Compatibility: MX

Layout: kmini fixed (7u sp)

Design Specs and Features

Plate: Aluminium 

Angle: ? Degrees

Weight: 4.2kg

Metal Type / Grade: Aluminium

Colours: Black, Silver, Grey, White

Mid-Piece: Purple, Green, Red, Orange